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'Hollow Between The Hills' Album/EP Build Up 08/07/14

Canadian metallers 'Hollow Between The Hills' (HBTH) are a band I've been meaning to review for a while. To give some background to these guys they are surprisingly new to the scene having had to announce a new line-up in 2013 though since have managed to release an EP and are set to release another this summer. This post will review their progress so far and what we have to look forward to!

HBTH's first EP 'Of All Hope' shows some serious promise for their future, mixing many melodic aspects into the 5 tracks within. The intro track aptly named 'Intro' gives the instant melodic, epic start to the EP sounding similar to something that early Asking Alexandria tracks would begin with. The track fades into the EP title track which explodes on to speakers (listen to it loud). Vocals are brutal and the guitar and drum work heralds early metalcore. The screaming vocals vary in tone and pitch that remind me of early Bring Me The Horizon and even early Architects. The track fades out with more slow paced, running piano that fades into track 3 Spawn Of Hell (S.O.H). Much the same as track 2 with varied sections and introducing a lot of instruments, synths and varied vocals. The clean vocals are crisp and work well at points. Track 4 and 5 are slightly more guitar based introducing some solos and slides. Overall the album is extremely varied showing promise in many aspects and spreading widely over the metalcore genre.

As a run-up to the upcoming EP HBTH have released three singles, whether they will be part of the EP I am unsure. 'Aphrodite' is one of the singles released and is definitely exciting. HBTH have done the right thing in stripping back the music a little and not bringing as much into each individual song. Dont get me wrong 'Of All Hope' was awsome but was a bit crazy at times where as on this track they seemed to have stuck to their strengths and chosen the best aspects of the previous EP. The clean vocals have seen a significant improvement and carry acorss much better. The song has a good structure and listens well. Check out 'Aphrodite' below.

Another one of HBTH's new singles is 'Strive'. The mix of screaming and clean vocals on this track work beautifully with the right amount of each fading in and out picking up where the other leaves off. The track still holds on to the solid guitar work though dials back on the riffs and supplyies a proper headbanger. Let's face it, every good metalcore band needs a breakdown centred song! Check out 'Strive' below.

So from reviewing the material that these guys already have I would definitely advise giving them a listen, especially if you are a metalcore fan. If your into early Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects etc then these are your guys. As far as what their future holds I hope the new EP will bring out some of their strengths and stick to the aspects of their songs that they carry over especially well. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for their new material!

If all of this does not convince you to check these guys out then you can download every song I have talked about through their facebook page. Click here to go straight to that page!

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