Friday, 2 May 2014

'Blitz Kids' Gig Review 22/04/14

I managed to get on the guestlist and go and see Blitz Kids playing clwb ifor bach on their tour that has just finished. Heres my review of the gig!

Fort Hope start the night as a band well suited to open Blitz Kids. With a similar style the 4-piece band has some catchy pop-rock songs under their belt to get everyone hyped and hold their own on the stage. Simple tracks allow for vocals to flourish switching between calmer and more pumped songs. With a vocal style and similar tone to that of ‘Dashboard confessional’ and ‘Secondhand Serenade’ the saddened but hopeful theme of their songs carries them well. Able to break into heartfelt and great sing-alongs choruses they are certainly a band to look out for in the future. their new EP 'courage' out soon it will be interesting to see what heights it may launch them too.

I Divide burst onto the stage with their catchy pop/alternative and sometimes heavier hardcore elements. Energy infused rocky sounding guitars. The effort these guys put into their performance even with the smallish crowd is to be commended. They pack high energy and intensity into all of their songs and keep the pace fast to keep the crowd involved. Their performance also heralded by the fluid motion of the band as a whole. I appreciate a band who tries to make the entire venue their own rather than just the stage. These guys do just that with their guitarist pacing around and weaving in and out of the crowd mid-song. The frontman’s crowd involvement skill also adds to the overall experience of seeing I Divide.  Vocals are clean and crisp with fantastic range. In parts, dual-harmonies come into the songs adding a real melodic, catchy value to their music. Hard-hitting drums and solid, simple riffs pave the way for vocals to stand out.

Blitz Kids come onto the stage with their anthemic ‘All I Want Is Everything’ getting the crowd hyped up for one of their first headline slots. The majority of tracks played off the new album ‘The Good Youth’ which is a smart move as the album is definitely a huge achievement for them. The album is perfect for long drives and life reflecting moments. The 4-piece manages to pump the crowd up and get everyone chanting along with every song. Hits like ‘Run for cover’ and ‘Keep Swinging’ bode well with a crowd that is definitely there for them. Their harmonies are crisp and clean. Their songs are full of energy and enthusiasm and they carry it across superbly live. The bands combination of slow and fast songs that they have in their back catalogue provides for an involving experience that the crowd buy in on. Their infectious pop-rock anthems easily absorbed by fans and other people within the crowd present to appreciate.  Out of the 4 piece, three can sing and sing very well! This rare quality adds another layer to the bands live performance allowing the group singing and harmonies that are on the album to be carried across perfectly.

An impressive performance especially considering this is one of Blitz Kids first headline tours. They are not short of jokes about themselves and their touring stamina though. Their openness really adds a personal element to the band and personally I think they have gaged their stage presence really well. Ending the night with ‘On My Own’ they finish the night as it started with the fans present loving every second. In my opinion they are massively underrepresented and deserve to be playing bigger venues.
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