Wednesday, 28 May 2014

'Arcadian Heart' EP Review 28/05/2014

'Arcadian Heart' are a Cardiff based alternative rock band and a pretty good one at that! I was lucky enough to sit in on their gig supporting 'A World Defined' and they handed me their recorded work a couple of weeks back and it shows some real promise!

Track one 'Surface of the Sun' starts out with a great riff. The slowly progressing song is reminiscent of bands like 'Kasabian' and 'Arctic Monkeys'. They really bring back a sound that has not been heard on the local scene for a while.

Track two 'Seven' is much of the same with solid rock and roll riffs and falls effortlessly into an easy listening chorus.

Track three 'Your Arrogance' is the song that stuck out to me from their live performance and carries across well to this EP. There are not many bands in the local area that are doing what Arcadian Heart are doing and that will help them in gaining a fanbase.

Overall, the EP shows that Arcadian Heart have already done the essential work in finding their sound and style. With a bit of work to produce a well mastered EP and after more shows under their belt they will see some real success! A good listen for anyone that can pick up a copy!

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