Wednesday, 21 May 2014

'A World Defined' Gig Review 16/05/2014

Yet another great gig at Fuel Rock Club on the weekend! A mammoth five bands hit the stage on friday night so check out a review of each one below!

On first, 'Breathe In The Silence' play to a tiny crowd but don't let that bother them! Playing all tracks off their new EP and fresh out of the red bull studios they sound great. Vocals are crisp and precise and the band play with a new found passion that seems to emanate from their recent successes. All in all with the small time they have they manage to provide a fantastic set not letting the lack of people get to them. I would love to see these guys play a bigger stage and if you would too then give them a vote to play Download Festival this year, trust me they deserve it! Follow the link in the picture below to vote and help them get there.

Providing more of a pop-punk edge to the night, 'Glass Giants' are second to hit the stage. They are able they are able to hold down a strong set keeping the crowd involved. The vocalist provides a great performance with a strongly projected voice and does the band some serious justice. Their anthemic atmosphere delivers feel good songs one after the other. I managed to grab an EP at the end of their set and will be releasing a review very soon! They also have a brand new single called 'Dance' coming out very soon, stay tuned!

Third to play, 'Last Vendetta' hit the stage playing tracks off their EP 'Poetry and Adultery'. It's not my first time seeing these guys and yet again they don't disappoint. Their infectious pop-punk melodies bode well with the growing crowd. Ending the set with two newly recorded tracks they show a real progression in material. The songs have more of a punk/metalcore feel showing a real maturity in both the songwriting and general feature of their music. They show real promise for their upcoming album which will be out this soon!

'Arcadian Heart' hit the stage bringing more of a progressive/alternative genre to the gig. Their songs revolve around the bands ability to play well as a group and their riffs are solid and commanding. The vocals are slightly down-toned sounding like vocalists such as Kurt Cobain of 'Nirvana' and Billy Corgan of 'Smashing Pumpkins'. It is obvious the crowd are there mainly for Arcadian Heart and the reaction is fed off well by the band. After a couple of songs they seem to ease into playing and come into their own. The bands atmospheric, heavy choruses and instrumental segments of their songs provide their highlights. The song 'Your Arrogance' carries across particularly well. Introducing the odd solo these guys have managed to cover a range of genre's but still hold a unique sound. I managed to grab Arcadian Heart's EP at the end of the gig so I will be reviewing that very soon!

The headline band 'A World Defined' open with energy and pace. The band are well synced and have a solid stage presence. They are quite obviously well seasoned on the touring aspect of band duties and that shows. Unfortunatly the crowd has thinned slightly though that does not hold these guys back. A "no bars held" performance that show some serious talent and potential moving forward. The vocalist can hold both clean and screaming vocals well and songs show a healthy balance of both. Similar to bands such as 'Architects' and 'We Came As Romans', 'A World Defined' are definitely a band to catch if you find them in your area! I look forward to checking out their material!

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