Thursday, 17 April 2014

'Linkin Park' New Album 16/06/14

So the best way to start is probably by speaking about the band that I love most... Linkin Park.

Personally I feel Linkin Park have always been a band pushing boundaries and moving in whichever direction they want. They have become a 'marmite' band that produce very polarising music.

It's not much surprise then that they have gone and done something completely different on their new album. Their single 'Guilty All The Same' was released March 6th through Shazam and reactions to the song were somewhat varying. The song features US rapper Rakim and Mike Shinoda sang his
praises for his rapping ability on the track.

So what does the song show us... The song starts and you instantly think its a demo. The quality is not great though if you listen to it loud it does pick up after 10 seconds. Knowing what Linkin Park are like, I would say this is completely intentional. The build up following for the next minute is dark and epic before it breaks into a riff that sets the song up for the next five minutes. The rap section of the song provided by Rakim sounds a lot like Mike's rapping style. The sound finally ends at 5 minutes 55 seconds. Despite this change in direction Linkin Park still hold their sound thanks to Chester Bennington and his unique vocals.

And what will the album be like... An interview with Brad Delson revealed that the album would contain riff based songs with potential for a few more collaborations and even guitar solo's. Mike Shinoda stated in an interview that he wanted to bring back rock. Taking these things into consideration along with the obvious direction change that 'Guilty All The Same' shows I think we can expect another massive change for Linkin Park but isn't that what the true fans love?

'The Hunting Party' is set to be released directly after Download Festival on June 16th.

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