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'Giving In To Ghosts' EP Review 31/03/14

So I was asked to review the EP ’Chasing Waves’ by the band ‘Giving In To Ghosts’ and I tell you what I’m glad I was! As I’ve stated before I love hardcore and I’m a sucker for a breakdown. On this EP there’s plenty of screaming vocals, breakdowns and head banging/mosh pitting moments.

The EP opens with the song ‘Rapture’ exploding the EP into its hardcore element. Without any intro there is an instant strength to the track with a solid energy-pumped riff backing some brutal screaming lyrics. The song is broken up well with various riffs preceding the chorus. The chorus sits well with clean vocals to add a listenable element for those who aren’t into heavy music and adds more ways for the song to expand. With group vocals in the background slotted into the fast-paced song it keeps up the energy throughout. The most surprising, though happily welcomed, aspect of the song is the guitar solo at 2:15 into the song supplying a truly whole and well put together song. The crossing over of clean and screaming vocals weave into the song naturally. 

Track 2 ‘Sirens’ doesn’t let the EP down to rest keeping up a good pace and showing off the bands guitar work. Featuring more clean vocals than the last song, though dropping elements of varied shouts and screams throughout provides a good listen. The breakdown is also better thought out than most as it has a more technical riff over the top of those double kick pedals on the drums.  Not short on further breakdowns to follow I thoroughly enjoy Sirens as a whole track. It got me bouncing whilst writing this!

The title track ‘Chasing Waves’ follows on with an intense, dark riff which instantly grabs your attention. The song starts slow and solid with simple drumming and the recurring riff underneath the clean vocals. The song picks up in its chorus though drops effortlessly back into the slow, dark verse. The bridge of the song adds simple piano/synth sounds which really build the intensity before a guitar solo drops and leads to a breakdown that’s nothing short of hard-hitting. Overall it’s easy to see why the EP was named after this song or the other way round as it is the most worthy as a single. It’s the verse that makes this song which I don’t say often.

Lastly ‘To The Sun’ hits the speakers with a guitar riff and a drum roll to show you that Giving In To Ghosts aren’t finished yet. With some sweet effects just before the song drops it’s one that I’m sure gets a great reaction live. The screaming vocals come in over the top which by this point I’m a big fan of. This song is breakdown central which firmly marks it as my favourite of the EP. At the end of the second chorus the song slows to see it pick up again with one of the first overlaps of screaming/clean vocals that lead into the final guitar solo of the EP. 

Giving In To Ghosts have put together a well thought out EP here with promising aspects for their future. I’m a big fan of how these guys have brought back some old-school by adding guitar solos to metal/hardcore. The strengths of this EP show that their screaming vocalist should scream more as it works very well over this type of music. The clean vocalist supplies great rhythm for the choruses and the riffs really work being technical but not over the top. There is an intense music scene in Cardiff at present and it’s hard for bands to show off their unique factors but I think these guys are definitely on the right track with their intertwining vocals and enhanced technical guitar work.

'Chasing Waves' is available now on all online stores including iTunes, Amazon etc.

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