Wednesday, 23 April 2014

'Fahran' Gig Review 12/04/14

I was well impressed when working on the 12th in Fuel Rock Bar where I was able to see 'Fahran' play a gig with 'Attica Rage'. The gig was put together bya gentleman wishing to see the bands play together.

Attica Rage are a heavy rock band from Glasgow. They have really established themselves, especially in the UK. Though this may not be my usual sort of music genre of choice I do welcome any opportunity to listen to new bands. After a bit of a delay travelling from Scotland, Attica Rage managed to make it down to grace Fuel with their presence. Despite them being the arguably bigger band the gig was set up with them as support. The moment they set up and stepped up they had the crowd in their pocket. A quick apology for their late start and they didn't mess about from there. Their riff driven songs supplemented by hard rock vocals and hard-hitting drumming technique made the place explode. Every rocker will know the face they pull when a riff hits them so hard that they pull it involuntarily. It's the one where your bottom lip protrudes from your face and you nod your head slowly... Yeah they are that kinda band. Click here to view their facebook page.

Straight after Attica Rage tear up the floor, Fahran waste no time in getting started. Less well known though still holding a great reputation for both their live peformances and studio albums Fahran mix high-ranged, powerful vocals with heavy up-beat guitar work. They definitely had the crowd banging their heads. The night was well worth seeing and I would personally suggest seeing both bands if you get the opportunity. I even bought their album and its full of great, heavy rock, headbanging anthems (And it was well cheap!!).

Fahran have impressively tore up the music scene very quickly in the year that they have been a band. With festival performances and solid support slots with some big bands such as 'I Am I' and 'Heaven's Basement' they are definitely a band to look out for in the future. Check out their facebook page here. New album 'Chasing Hours' will be out soon.

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