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'Breathe In The Silence' EP Review 18/04/14

Hardcore/Valleycore band 'Breathe In The Silence' (BITS) have marked a huge achievement for themselves in the last week. Their debut self-titled debut EP has just been released and personally I think it's fantastic.

So lets break the EP down... 'Forget The Light' kicks off the EP leaving no prisoners and pumping energy into the track from the get go. When the chorus kicks in its catchiness and anthemic group vocals alongside its intensity and high energy establish the song as a solid starting point.

'Marking Statements' leaves you no time to breathe and starts where 'Forget The Light' left off. The song is slightly more tame though not lacking in riffs and heavy drumming. The further addition of the odd screaming vocal adds some real depth and variety to the verses. The breakdown section of the song provides screaming vocals and hard-hitting drumming which leads effortlessly back into the chorus.

Track 3 and half way through the EP 'Out of Sight', which the band released as a music video before the EP was released, provides one of the highlightsas a whole track. This is hardcore at its best and the band were right to choose this song as their first release. Yet again the chorus is catchy and easily listenable. The addition of more frequent, small segments of breakdowns gets the metalcore fans nodding (Me included). The track slows this time at the bridge section of the song and features distant screaming vocals that build up the intensity of the song before the drums and riff kicks in harder than before and the chorus eventually rejoins. Definitely worth a listen if you dont check out the EP.


After the eplosive end of 'Out of Sight' Track 4 'Sentiment' starts slow with a singular riff and clean vocals. 45 seconds in and the chorus comes in, definitely pulling on heart strings with the emotive tone of the vocals and saddened guitar tuning (That's not a bad thing). The songs seems to quiet down after 3 minutes though the build up to the next portion of the song marks yet another highlight in the EP. The chug of a solid guitar riff and repeated vocals that sound similar to Mallory knox keep the song running before a prolonged screamed vocal leads to a lead guitar riff and hard drumming. Repeated-dual screaming and clean vocals are added and the song slowly fades out. This great song is my personal favourite on the EP and provides for a variety of tracks.

The final track 'Time to Time' is probably the heaviest song on the EP featuring screaming vocals on the verses. This hardcore tune shows off the same diversity as the likes of A Day To Remember with both clean and screaming vocals supplied on a catchy riff and heavy drumming. The highlight of the song is most definitely the breakdown that would make anyone enter the pit. Heavy, intense and ballsy this track rounds off the five song collective perfectly.

If there's one thing this EP has established its that BITS can do breakdowns. Now im a sucker for a breakdown so thats awesome for me! If you like new-style metalcore with breakdowns, clean/screaming vocals and heavy riffs then get this EP!

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