Sunday, 20 April 2014

'As It Is' Gig Review 05/04/14

Working in Fuel Rock Bar Cardiff has its perks. I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on the 'As It Is' gig on the 5th April which was one of the dates of their European Tour.

Starting the night was local band 'Last Vendetta'. The band hasn't been together all that long though do not lack experience or stage presence. They kicked off the night perfectly. With their combination of pop-punk catchiness and rocky riffs they set the mood for the evening. Check out their single 'To Be Continued' Here. I hope to see future workings from the band.

Second on the floor was another local band 'Led By Lions'. Holding the same style as Last Vendetta though amping up on the heaviness with two vocalists to please listeners. Both clean and screaming vocals were intwined on most songs. Adding in breakdowns to their songs, Led By Lions brought in the hardcore element of the gig but still held a pop-punk element that made them fit as a good support band. Check out their debut video of the song 'Fall Of A Giant' off their forthcoming EP 'A long time coming' Here.

Now on to the official UK support act 'Bentley Park'. A more well-known band with an EP under their belts and one more on the way. Again they hold their own on the stage with their experience showing. The lead vocalist really taking the crowd under control, gearing everyone towards the headliners. Slightly less screaming vocals appear than the previous band though the catchy pop-punk vocals suit the crowd that are present. Check out their video for 'All The Fists In The World Won't Save You Now' off their forthcoming EP 'Innocence' Here.

'As It Is' pick up right where Bentley Park left off and its obvious who the crowd are there for. With their catchy pop-punk songs and endeering, happy frontmanship they manage to woo all of the girls in the room. They round off the night perfectly with their light, positive tones no matter what the theme and lyrical content of the song. Their recent success as 'band of the week' in Rocksound magazine and other various magazines showing that they are a band that will soon be climbing the roster in venues and festivals. Check out their Brand New EP 'This Mind Of Mine' Here.

Overall the gig was good fun and well organised. Enjoyable and listenable it made working much easier!

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